100 things I dislike

So basically I was on Twitter earlier (my Twitter is: @KathrynCamsell) and I saw #20ThingsIDontLike was trending. Since I got up early to go to work then found as I arrived that I infact had the day off, I had nothing better to do in all honesty, so I started tweeting things I didn’t like. I got to around 50 and realised; firstly, that I dislike A LOT of things, and secondly, that people on Twitter don’t really care about what I dislike, and I don’t really blame them. But if you’re reading this now then you’re obviously marginally interested enough to click on the blog and potentially read through all 100 things. If so, then thank you. 

So that was my not so exciting story about how this blog came about. Here are 100 things I dislike, in no particular order.

  • People who force their opinion upon others or refuse to accept others’ opinions.
  • People making fun of elderly people or children. Children act a certain way because they do not know any better, and as for the elderly; get some respect for your elders, they have a lot more life experience than you.
  • Good original singers who sell out. *AHEM* Avril Lavigne *AHEM*
  • When I am forced to try forget someone who meant a lot to me and gave me so much to remember. 
  • Slow or no internet connection. I HATE that.
  • When people don’t adequately discipline their children so raise brats they can’t control. 
  • Smudged make up. 
  • Lazy and irresponsible parenting. 
  • Being hungry but not having anything to eat/not being able to eat.
  • Travel sickness. 
  • Girls talking to me about girly things. I cannot contribute to this conversation, nor do I care what you’re talking about.
  • Throwing things away, I’m a bit of a hoarder.
  • When my lips go all dry and cracked in the winter.
  • People lecturing me. Don’t be so condescending! 
  • My terrible vision. I prefer not to wear my glasses, but am constantly squinting when I don’t. I need contact lenses but don’t think I could cope with sticking things in my eyes. What a dilemma.
  • Stepping on slugs or snails. Just thinking about the sound of the crunch, or the feel of the slime under my shoe makes me shudder. 
  • Sweat stains. Eww. Sort it out. 
  • Brown mushy bananas. 
  • Burnt food, especially toast. 
  • My asthma. I sound really unfit when I’m panting away after gentle exercise. It’s rather embarrassing.
  • When I ask a parent how old their child is, and they give an answer like; “21 months, 8 days.” He’s one you mean. 
  • When my phone battery dies and I don’t have my charger. It really makes me realise how technologically dependent I am. I am currently watching Supernanny on TV whilst texting my boyfriend on my phone, defrosting my dinner in the microwave, and typing up this blog on my laptop… 
  • The million PPI advert of TV recently.
  • Other people’s hairs in the bath/shower, and especially they get on me.
  • Snot. I work with children and although I know they cannot help it, I just hate it. I uncontrollably wretch when I go to wipe up snot. 
  • People who don’t clean up after their dog so I step in their poo. 
  • Sand in my shoes and clothes, rubbing on my skin.
  • Eating runny foods whilst wearing long sleeved tops. Weird, I know. 
  • Split lips.
  • Paper cuts.
  • The spoilt American pageant girls who have learnt to manipulate their parents from a very young age. 
  • The parents of said spoilt American pageant girls. Stop trying to force your child to do things you wish you could do. 
  • When my boyfriend is at college and friends are at work all day on my only days off. 
  • Going out looking ‘girly’. 
  • Waking up in the morning to find there’s nothing I want for breakfast. 
  • Drunk people. 
  • People taking my phone. You do not have my permission to do that.
  • Damaging my clothes. I get so attached to my things
  • Getting in the car when it’s raining. 
  • Getting in the car after I’ve just brushed my teeth. 
  • Touching the car door when it’s been raining so I get a wet hand.
  • Spiders.
  • When people make me doubt my boyfriend, though I know he is my biggest ally. It upsets me and makes you look foolish for trying. 
  • People telling me to meet them at a certain place at a certain time, then they turn up really late and waste my time. 
  • Lazy 16/17/18/19/20 year olds who are not in education and refuse to work. Basically, people who live off Mum and Dad. 
  • When I can’t understand what a person is saying after them repeating a hundred times. 
  • That my favourite band Linkin Park are now rubbish and their image is ruined.
  • Tooth paste stains on my clothes and face. Especially when I realise they’ve been there all day.
  • When people say Geordies are unintelligent. Geordie Shore has given a false perception of people from the North East and it is disgraceful to tarnish all Geordies with the same brush. 
  • Girls who pretend to be dumb because they think guys will say it’s ‘cute’ and they will get lots of attention from it. 
  • That I cry when I get angry. 
  • People saying bad things about my boyfriend. Seriously, don’t. I have been known to bite back uncontrollably.
  • That women who sleep around are called ‘slags’ but men who sleep around are known as ‘studs’. This is inequality in my opinion. To be honest I hate them both equally. 
  • Cheese.
  • People who are up their own backsides. 
  • When I am frowned upon by girls because I don’t wear much make up and don’t smother myself in foundation. 
  • When I am frowned upon for wearing tights under my skirts/shorts/dresses. Don’t tell me to take my tight off, I do not feel comfortable showing my legs. It’s my choice. 
  • When I am frowned upon for being pale. I grew up in a generation where fake tan is a way of life, however I do not wish to conform. I refuse to feel bad about my skin tone. It does not bother me, so why does it affect you? 
  • When I am frowned on in general. 
  • Being told my name is ‘weird’. It is a common name, just spelt in an uncommon way. I am allowed to say it is weird as a joke, you are not. It’s offensive. It’s my name. 
  • When I am writing/planning something and I make a mistake, I have to rewrite the whole thing again. I don’t know why I do, but it takes up a lot of time and I feel very unhappy if I leave a mistake on the paper or my handwriting is messy. Now I think of it, that’s rather odd.
  • Being really cold.
  • Being too hot. 
  • The sun. It hurts my eyes and gives me headaches. I’m not a vampire, honest.
  • Sun burns. I look like a lobster when I burn. 
  • When people claim to not have heard of The Beatles. Oh come off it! 
  • People waking me up. 
  • When I need a wee but there are no nearby toilets.
  • Arguments. Conflict.
  • When people think I’m a pushover and they make me do things I don’t want to do. Particularly at work because I always politely ask if there are ways I can help out, so I then get a list of unpleasant jobs which I have to do. 
  • People calling rudeness ‘banter’. 
  • People thinking they’re better or ‘cooler’ than me because I don’t sleep around, I don’t smoke, I don’t do drugs, and I don’t drink in parks.
  • When I mess up a number in my sudoku puzzle book and have to start another puzzle because that one is ruined and messy.
  • Having no money.
  • Having to work with people I don’t get on with.
  • My exes and anything to do with them. 
  • People who have no respect for others yet demand respect for themselves. It’s a two way system.
  • Vocally judgmental people.
  • Bad hair days. 
  • Water. Swimming. Seas, oceans, lakes, rivers, anything deeper than a small pond. 
  • Rain. 
  • Having wet clothes. 
  • Puddles. 
  • Losing. Or when I can’t do something well. 
  • When people treat me differently because of my age and the fact that I don’t have children. 
  • When my favourite shows end, or should end but it carries on so it becomes ruined and I stop liking it. 
  • People smoking around me. 
  • Rude people. 
  • Being hurt by people who I love the most. 
  • People who refuse to be single so stay in a bad relationship or go for the first person that shows any interest in them. 
  • People who lie and make up stuff about me. Especially when they claim to be my friend. 
  • When cars, and especially vans, drive alongside me really slowly and I immediately assume they’re a curbcrawler and that I am going to die. 
  • Milk.
  • Early mornings. 
  • Being told off/fearing I will be. 
  • People telling me how to do something, despite me knowing better than them. 
  • Spicy foods. 
  • People who think it’s alright to tell everyone my business and make up rumours about me. 
  • Being wrong.
  • How easily I can embarrass myself and how often I fall over due to my inherited accident proneness/clumsiness. Thank you Father for that trait.


I’m not sure that is 100, I wasn’t even counting, but 100 is a nice round number so lets go with that. For those who read all the way till the end; thankyou, and I appologise for wasting those precious minutes of your life. I hope you don’t think I’m too weird now, and maybe we in fact have some mutual hates. 


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