Your key

Imagine you hold a key.

This key has unlimited potential, for making you unlock yours. This key can do anything for you.

This key can uncover the 90% of the brain we apparently don’t use. This key can look into your heart and tell you if the person you are with is ‘the one’. It can unlock the hidden detail in your eyesight; make you truly see and believe the world’s beauty. The key has the power of ultimate forgiveness, and helps you see the good in everybody. This key is your four-leaf clover. It brings you luck. 

What does your key look like? Mine is an old-fashioned, metallic black key.

Imagine your key exists. Imagine it can unlock your forgotten memories – what would you choose to remember? A loved one maybe? Now imagine this key can unlock a gateway in the past, giving you the ability to change one thing about your past. Also, the key unlocks doorways into the future, allowing you to assure one thing about your future life. 

This key helps you make decisions, shows your heart’s true desire, and shows you the depth of your bravery.

The key in your hand will give you the opportunity to master a skill of your choice. What would that skill be? would you be an impeccable artist? an amazing gourmet chef? master an instrument maybe? That same key unlocks your talent. What would be your special talent? juggler? singer? dancer? …eye popper??? Imagine you could master any sport of your choice. Would you be a David Beckham? A Jennifer Ennis? An Andy Murray?

Your key can do anything for you.

Now picture this:

In one hand is your key. In the other, is nothing. I ask you: do you take this amazing key and make yourself exactly what you want to be? or do you choose the other hand. Nothing. Nothing changes. Your life is down to chance, genetics and a product of your environment. 

Would you choose to use your key? or to throw it away?


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