My Earliest Memories

Today I wanted to blog, but wasn’t sure what to write about, so I gave this Daily Post Writing Challenge thing a go ( ). I am going to give each of today’s challenges a go, and today’s is about memories. 

I imagine one of my very earliest memories was what I can remember of preschool. I don’t recall much, I mostly remember the smell. I revisited the preschool for volunteering when I was around 14ish, and the smell made me instantly remember memories I had there. The smell of wood, and varnish. 

I also remember the wooden climbing frame/slide they used to bring out at lunch time. One vague memory I have is of myself waiting in the queue to slide down behind my best friend Jade. Funnily enough I can remember trying to dislodge a bit of apple stuck between my teeth. 

Another early memory I have is walking home from the town centre with my mum and my little sister, after just seeing that a new Tescos had been built and my mum had picked up an application form. I remember we walked home and mum sat between me and my sister on her bed while we watched Telletubbies and ate our sandwiches. 

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