My Happiest Memory

Although I am not entirely sure what my happiest memory is, I definitely know which one I am going to describe because it certainly is up there! 

One of my best memories was my 19th birthday present from my partner, when he bought me tickets to see Hugh Laurie (who I love). We got all dressed up, my partner looked gorgeous in his shirt, and I wore a dress and my long wedge boots, and off we went to The Colston Hall (Bristol). 

One of the best moments was when we were sitting down in the hall waiting for a support act to come on, and with no notice out came Hugh Laurie in chinos and his casual attire to speak to the audience before the gig began! My heart was racing seeing this man who I have a slight obsession with, and my smile only grew when I turned to my partner (Ash) when he squeezed my hand and he told me it was worth every penny (and that’s pretty good concidering it was near £40 a ticket!!!) to see me look so happy.

I remember Hugh said “I shan’t be wearing this, I shall return after I’ve put my party frock on” (or something similar). Ash even took my camera off me to take the pictures and videos so I could fully pay attention to Hugh!

Another top moment that night was the TWO oncores Hugh did, and how the entire audience gave a standing ovation for about half an hour for these to encores, chanting Hugh’s name! 

Was an absolutely fantastic experience, and I will definitely be going next year! Have to get saving! Was so worth it for the sore feet from my boots, and the freezing cold, long, pitch black walk home at near midnight. 


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