Without him (day two)


My partner is away in London this week for a work induction course for his new job, and needless to say I am missing him like crazy. In all the time we have been together, we have never been apart for more than two days (as pathetic and needy as that sounds). 

He left Sunday afternoon and it is Tuesday midday now. I thought I would relish a few days to myself and that the missing him would not kick in properly till at least Wednesday, but I really just cannot stand to be away from him. He is my rock, he is always there and I definitely take for granted how much he really does for me. I think the thing getting to me most is that I can barely text him because there is not much signal in the area he is in, for whatever reason. 

I love him so so much and really just feel so alone without him here. Even with family and friends around me, no one is even close to my wavelength as his he is. 

I miss how he’d hold me in his arms, I miss how he’d walk me home every single day, I miss how he’d text me goodmorning and goodnight without fail. I miss his smell. His voice. I just miss him. 

And its only bloody Tuesday !! 😦 


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