Internal Moral Battle

So basically I am in a moral dilemma. Do I follow my heart or my head?

Basically; I used to go to my boyfriend’s house ALL the time, everything was great, till eventually my boyfriend’s stepdad snapped. He banned me from eating at the house, slammed a door in my face, and eventually banned me from the house. 

Since then it’s been about 3/4 months with no contact, and since then his stepdad has been trying to get me to come round. Trouble is that I am a very stubborn person and I feel I am betraying myself if I go round. But on the otherhand it was the only place I could be ‘alone’ with Ash. Ash really wants me to come round (obviously…) but I am stuck between listening to my head (and avoiding his stepdad at all costs) and listening to my heart (and coming round for Ash). 

Still to this day I am caught in this dilemma. 


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