Photography 101

As an amateur photographer with a passion for this hobby, I just thought I would pass on some wisdom for anyone just starting out/interested. Most of these tips were passed onto me by my partner, and some are just my personal preferences.

How to take a good picture:

  1. Get yourself a decent camera. (Nikkon Coolpix L810 *ahem ahem*)
  2. Find a good subject. People, flowers, and natural wildlife are always good
  3. Choose whether you want to do a horizontal or vertical shot. Horizontals are good when there is a lot of background to capture, whereas verticals are better for tall/long objects or close up shots and people
  4. Decide whether you want a zoomed in or further out shot
  5. Choose what mode you want the camera in. Black & white is good for taking pictures of people (because it highlights natural beauty and makes skin look clearer), macro is ideal for flowers but also for when you have things in the background it draws attention to the focused object, or sometimes just normal mode is the best. There are more but these are my personal favourite preferences
  6. Crop/edit if wanted, but always keep the original unless you are 100% certain it looks better afterwards. 

My top tip: This is one my boyfriend told me, which he was told by an old photography teacher; ALWAYS take multiple photos of the same shot, this way if it’s blurred or you decide you are not keen, there are lots of the same subject/object it’s just slightly changed each time. 

I welcome feedback or any tips for myself on this topic because like I said, I am only an amateur myself 🙂 Hope this helped anyone! 


2 thoughts on “Photography 101

  1. I recently purchased a Nikon Coolpix L810 myself (ahem, ahem back at ya!) My original intent was to use it to document my jewelry making efforts, combining both “artistic” and product photography into something “more” than either one. I enjoyed this post. It reminded me of myself and my experience “playing” with my new camera. One thing I would add to your list of tips: Take lots and lots and lots of pictures — pictures of anything and everything that catches your eye. Oh, and train your eye to see more of the possibilities for great pictures in your own piece of the world. Keep shooting. It’s the only way to get good.

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