Today I realised that I’d grown.

And no, I have not sprouted up a few centimentres (I can guarantee that at the ripe old age of 19 I am entirely likely to stay at the height of 5ft 4in).

Today, I was looking through my sketch portfolio (another passtime of mine), and looked at a picture I was once proud of and thought to myself; I could definitely do better than that. My next thought was that I am going to try redraw that better later. 

This made me happy.

This shows that I have grown as an artist, and made a clear improvement on something through practice. 

What a glorious feeling; to know that I could do better than a past achievement. I can outdo myself. Beat my own record, in a way. And more importantly; I recognised it. 

Undeniably as my own toughest critic, I have recognised that I am past an ameteur/beginner stage I was once at. 

This is a personal achievement blog. 

Brb, off to update my portfolio! 


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