Invasion Of Privacy

As a very shy, independent, introverted person there are few places I can truly find solace. Places I feel are ‘safe’.

Obviously my bedroom being one of them. 

I shut my door, shutting myself in, and shutting the world out. 

It is my safe haven. It is mine

Today when I came home from work, I realised that my trust had been abused and my privacy had been invaded. To some it may be ok for family to stroll into their room when they are not there, but for me it is misconduct in it’s highest form. Also, moving and taking some of my personal belongings and leaving them out for everyone to see. 

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything bad to hide, but I do not like people seeing my personal private things. 

I cannot begin to describe the invasion of privacy that I feel. It feels as though she did not care for my privacy at all. I feel such a pang of distrust. Someone was in my private space, disrespecting my belongings.

I wouldn’t dream of rummaging through someone else’s private quarters…

Guess she doesn’t understand. Does anybody?


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