Learning The Hard Way

As an accident-prone, clumsy, admittedly ditsy person, I have made a lot of mistakes and had a lot of accidents. Here are a couple of things I’ve had to learn the hard way:

  • check that the lid is screwed onto the orange juice PROPERLY before I shake up the carton
  • do not open the lemonade after it fell out the fridge. TWICE.
  • it’s generally best to hold the tea cup by the handle in order to avoid burns
  • when dad says to try some chilli, he only means a seed or two, not the whole pepper
  • check your skirt is not tucked into your tights when you come out the toilet
  • learn your birthday. It’s on the 20th not the 21st
  • take your phone out your back pocket before you pull your trousers down for a wee 
  • ALWAYS wear socks with trainers when going on walks 
  • do not walk in sinking mud- you will come back with a broken phone
  • find out the date which your credit card bill is due
  • always write down your shifts
  • don’t wear heels for long bar shifts
  • you don’t like espressos
  • always check train times and plan accordingly
  • don’t buy from ebay
  • stop using different passwords then forgetting them
  • always bring your phone charger when going out
  • make sure you duck low enough when going under a barbed wire fence
  • always bring spare batteries for your camera

Most importantly: follow your gut, trust your instincts and stay strong. Also, think before you speak and try not to take things too much to heart. 


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