Daily Prompt: Freaky Friday



If I had a Freaky Friday I would no doubt switch bodies with my other half. All girls want to know what its like to be a bloke. It’s only natural to be curious about life on the other side. 

Hmm what would I do… (Aside from having sex as a male, and having a wank for good measure)… I’d stand up for him. Ash takes a lot of crap from his family and is too shy to say anything back, if I were him for a day I’d tell them where to stick it. 

I’d tell his step dad to leave me ( him) alone, and that I’m not going to put up with any crap anymore. I’d definetly mention to him that my girlfriend should not have to deal with how you treated her, and that I’m not going to stand for it. I’d tell his sister to stop being so fake, and to stop being such a cow all the time. I’d tell his mum that it’s obvious who the favourite sibling is, and that it’s obviously not me. I’d also tell her that I’m a growing lad and need more food than the 5 peas and two fish fingers from Birdseye that you normally feed me. 

I’d say all the things he’d never say. 


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