Weekly Writing Challenge: Fit to Write

  • BRIEF: Write from the perspective of a first timer. Remember the first time you started doing something? How did it make you feel? Did you reach that perfect moment of calm right away, or did it take some work?

Ummm let me think… For me, I am a slow learner. It always takes me a while to get my head around something, or master something or feel comfortable/confident doing something. 

This is the case for everything I do, particularly when I first started my hobbies or photography and drawing. Drawing is what I get the most compliments for; my boyfriend says I am talented – but then again, he is biased so I don’t believe him. 

I always drew as a child, wanting to inherit my Great Gran’s skill for art. I was always told I was good (which I now know was just a confidence booster because I was crap), and I drew all the way up till GCSEs till I got a D for GCSE Art, took it to heart, and quit. I met my boyfriend around two years later, and him being an incredible artist himself, he inspired me to take up drawing again. 

The first thing I drew was a cupcake. It was nothing special but my boyfriend told me it was good and that I have potential. This filled me with hope and inspired me to continue and practice. 

Since then I carried on and still continue to do so. I almost always get frustrated and fed up when sketching, I often lose my inspiration and motivation too, but the feeling I have when I am happy with the completed product is incredible. Even more so is the knowledge that I have improved since I first started and continue to do so. 


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