Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem: seize the day. Or more recently; ‘YOLO’; You Only Live Once. 

Some interpret this very differently. The way I look at this is to live your life the best way possible. Achieve all of your aspirations. Do a bungy. A skysive. Something for charity. 

However, others use this as an excuse to do reckless things. My friend Emma says “might as well”. She uses this for everything; sleeping around, doing drugs, getting drunk, smoking etc. People like Emma take stupid risks and overlook the consequences because they “might as well”. 

I understand to a degree, but you have to weigh up the costs and benefits first. One night of carelessness is not worth risking prison for. You’d be doing exactly the opposite of Carpe Diem if you’re watching others seize the day on the TV screen in your prison cell. 


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