Are We Too Reliant On Technology?

Technology has come so far in the last few decades, it is evolving at an alarming rate. 

Take myself for example; I cannot do anything without my phone, cannot go ANYWHERE without at least one ipod (a back up music device is preferable) and now go on my laptop every day – for no reason in particular. 

Much like the Blood ‘Kill Em All’ episode of The X Files (one of my favourites, I am a massive fan) my partner and I experienced a machine that truly was against us. After not drinking since dinner at 5.30pm then going straight to a movie that finished at 10pm, we were delighted to see a vending machine at the trainstation. Ash deposited his £2 for a £1.50 Fanta and the machine would not recognise it. It then continued not to recognise any number we typed in till it gave us a packet of vile barbeque McCoys, then fired the change out at Ash’s feet. 

This really did add insult to injury. Some sort of conspiracy I reckon. 

So anyway, back to my original point. 

Technology is uncontrollable. It rules us; controls us, and will continue to do so. And there’s nothing we can do about it. 


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