Descriptive Story; Part 1

Just trying my hand at descriptive writing.

I used to love writing stories, and I would like to try again if only to get me writing. These stories will all be about the same girl, but I will mostly be describing her surroundings and thoughts, not giving too much away about the mystery girl herself.

If you enjoy this then please read the other parts which I shall continue to post. As ever, I welcome comments about what you might like to see included in these short stories 🙂 


The girl stood facing the water, letting the waves wash over her bare feet, covering her painted red toenails. The water reminded her of Mum, they used to come here together a lot whenever Dad was away. 

The hot sun reflected magnificently off her dark hair, burning her scalp slightly. A mascara tear slowly drips down her face, she knew she shouldn’t have come here. It’s too soon. 

She composes herself as she crouches in the sand, kneeling infront of the beautiful turquoise ocean, placing a single red rose petal on the water. As the rose petal is carried away on a gentle wave, the girl stare at her sand covered feet and shudders- she hates the sand getting between her toes. 

She gives the ocean one last parting glance, and tenderly kisses the silver emerald stone ring her mother gave her before she passed before heading back to the car. 


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