The Face Behind My Writing

The Face Behind My Writing

Well this is a photo of me, in case you were wondering. And yes, I know this isn’t Instagram, or Twitter, or Facebook, but I thought you might like to see the face behind the writing.
Perhaps you weren’t expecting to see that the mind you have delved into is that of a freshfaced nineteen year old girl with geeky glasses and an awkward smile. Or maybe you guessed.
Maybe my writing/photography has a naivety or inexperienced feel about it (I am an A-level English buff, so I do know what I’m talking about. Honest.) which led you to guess my roundabout age. Or perhaps I give off a female vibe in my writing and my gender might have been clear despite me being a somewhat feminist tomboy.
Without photos it is difficult to paint a picture of who is doing the writing (typing, in this case!), though is is also sometimes painfully obvious.
So what does my anonymous writing say about me? I will never know because I do not possess the ability to read my writing in an unbiased way, as if through the eyes of a stranger. #
Maybe you could tell me?

Maybe get to know me better; this blog is my anonymous writing, you may or may not have encountered my photography blog (, my Twitter ( has my wordlimited daily (and often hourly) thoughts and feelings, and my Instagram ( are my pictures.
All add up to my internet identity, link them up if you feel the need to know me that intimately, or take you pick as to which might interest you…. orrrrr just keep scrolling. I don’t mind, honestly.


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