Weekly Writing Challenge: DNA Analysis


What do I see when I look in the mirror? 

I see my Dad and Grandad’s big (thankfully not bushy) eyebrows, and the scar running through the center of my left one. I see unconfident and doubtful blue eyes. I see dark make-up to draw away attention from the rest of my face, and blemishes, which I refuse to cover up with foundation. I see the odd freckle, and the colon (freckles) underneath to the right of my right eye.

I see my dimples and chubby cheeks when I look at my phone and smile because I see I have a text from Ash. 

I see a girl twiddling her hair out of habit, and lipgloss covering the bitemarks on her lower lip from anxiety.

I see a faked smile, masking the pain I feel inside. 

I see the engagement ring on the left hand, and the chipped nail varnish on my fingernails. I see the beautiful simplistic silver heart  bracelet on the right wrist, and a vast row of bracelets to hide the scars on the other. 

I see a girl who’s trying. I see a girl who is slowly building up her self esteem enough to meet me in the eyes through the mirror. I see a girl who’s scratches are fading. 

I see a girl who’s heart beats for Ash; a girl in love. 

I see a girl who is getting better. 


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