Daily Prompt: Fright Night

I love being scared. Well, I don’t like actually being frightened, but I enjoy the thrill and exhilaration as well as the rarity of finding a film that makes me afraid. 

Me and my partner are massive horror/thriller/slasher/suspense film fans, and have watched so many that it is very rare to find one that is actually decent, and different from the generic cheap scares this era keeps producing. 

Ash is an absolute rock, and other than a wince during the alternate body-throw ending to Paranormal Activity I have never seen him scared of a film. As for me, I am never or at least very rarely affected by horrors (other than The Grudge elevator bit, the Paranormal Activity sleep watching scene, and the Sinister boogey man first appearance and lawnmower death) which is why I cherish the knots in my stomach. 

Some of the best films in this genre (other than the ones I listed above) I think are:

Maniac, The Blair Witch Project, Seven, Silence Of The Lambs, The Prisoners etc. 

For an avid horror fan such as myself and my partner, it’s a rare occasion when horrors have the desired scare effect. *sigh*


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