Daily Prompt: To Boldly Go…

For me this was the perfect Daily Prompt Challenge, as I am constantly thinking to myself that I need to actually write down my New Years resolutions rather than just thinking them and having no proof that I ever committed to them. By blogging my resolutions it means I will have a hard copy; a constant reminded of what I want to achieve. 

For me, the resolutions are a promise. Not a promise to achieve said goal, but a promise to try. I may not be able to achieve every bullet point, but if I try each one then I at least know I have achieved something. 

Without further a due, here is my list of New Year’s resolutions:

  1. Make an effort to blog at least once a week, in order to practice my writing and broaden my literary skills. 
  2. To be more determined and motivated in everything I do, and stop being such a pessimist. Glass half full and all that jazz…
  3. Be healthier. More to the point; eat regularly and balanced meals with no snacking or skipping, go to the gym at least once a week for at least an hour, drink less caffine- NO ENERGY DRINKS!, and get a good amount of sleep. This will then help me to achieve my next goal.
  4. Stay between 7 and 8 stone. If I weigh less then I get obsessed with becoming and staying lighter and lighter, and if I weigh more I feel so unhappy in myself and become obsessed with trying to lose the extra weight. 7-8 stone is a good healthy weight for my height and age, and it will give me a lot of confidence to achieve this by being healthy, and not by ceasing to eat. 
  5. Take more notice and be thankful of the natural beauty around me. It wasn’t till I became a photographer that I really noticed how many beautiful photos can be so effortlessly taken simply due to the breathtaking natural beauty of mother nature. A fallen multi-toned leaf, a water droplet clinging to a blade of green grass, a crinkled piece of bark coming away from the tree… natural beauty is everywhere you look, and it took me this long to see it more clearly. 
  6. Keep my room in order. A clear room is a clear mind. My room is my haven, and it would make a much better thinking space if it was clutter free. 
  7. Be more ladylike. I work in a gym with a ratio of 6:1 guys. This resolution might be a bit ambitious, but we’ll see!
  8. Be more patient with people, and to be a nicer person. After years of being a doormat this last year or so I’ve really come out of my shell, so much so that I’ve been rather ruthless in my attempt to gain some respect and to protect myself. I need to tone it down and learn when is the appropriate time to step down from the fight. 
  9. Be a better girlfriend. My partner is my absolute life, I love him with all my heart and would to want to live if I ever lost him. Despite this, I have an awful habit of pushing him away and having very little faith in him due to being hurt badly from previous relationships. I cannot control this, but I am really going to have to make an effort to try, not only for his sake but the sake of the relationship. 
  10. Make a bucket list. I got this idea from a college the other day, he told me that every year he makes a bucket list of new experiences which he crosses off upon completion. I am a list person. I am constantly making lists of things I have to do – just insignificant things, like do a paragraph of my personal statement, or tidy my room, or go to the post office etc, so this would be a perfect way to achieve my yearly goals and force myself to try new experiences, which brings me on to my next item. 
  11. Try new things. My life has become very scripted; I have a very ritualistic routine which has led me to become anxious in new and unfamiliar situations. Forcing myself into new situations (along with taking my anti-anxiety pills) will help to remove or at least calm down this fear of the unknown. 
  12. Learn new skills. I bought myself a guitar a couple of months ago in the hopes that I could self teach, but after finding this difficult I simply quit. I should broaden my skill spectrum in order to better myself and set myself achievable goals in relation to these to new skills. 
  13. Read more. I used to read all the time, but since I started working more I normally stay up late talking to my partner then go to sleep. Reading is a good way to learn new words, and learn different story telling styles which will help to make me a better writer myself. 
  14. To draw more. My one talent (so I’m told) is my drawing, and recently I have barely drawn at all. Drawing is a skill, I guess you could call it, which can always be improved and redefined by practice. As they say; practice makes perfect. The more I do it, the better I’ll be at it. The problem is I lack time and motivation, but I will make time and hopefully become more motivated with the new year. 
  15. I have a serious fault in that I have real anger issues towards certain bugbears. Especially noisy eating. When I hear someone eating noisily I feel a bubbling rage and I feel my blood boiling. Obviously I cannot control other people’s eating, which means this is a problem which needs to be addressed for my own peace of mind. 
  16. Spend less money and save up. I have a bad habit of spending too much money and just fritter my money away on little things. If I save up I can spend it on bigger things I really want.

All these resolutions will go towards my ultimate goal of bettering myself and giving me another great year. Here’s hoping! 


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