Weekly Writing Challenge: Moved by Music

This song; Linkin Park: In The End, is not only one of my favourite songs, but a song that holds a strong memory for me. Every time the song plays; the memory floods back and I’m given a brief flashback. Brief. 

When I was younger I was a Tomb Raider fanatic. Still am actually. It started when my parents introduced me to it at a young age, and bought me a Play Station 1 and the game for my room. I loved it. Loved loved loved it. I really idolised Lara Croft (as wierd as that sounds…), I wanted to be her. 

Well anyway, as a young girl with nothing better to do in the school holidays than to sit in her room all day and play on her favourite game, I managed to complete the game multiple times. I remember my bedroom used to be beside my parents room, and my mum used to play Linkin Park on her stereo while she did the ironing in her bedroom. That was all I used to hear. It was annoying at first, I never used to admit to liking that sort of music, but I secretly liked it. 

One day I went to my room to play on Tomb Raider like I always did, and found I could not find my saved game… The disc had been wiped for whatever reason. Obviously this seems pretty insignificant but at the time I was devastated, and I remember so clearly that all I could hear was the sound of In The End playing in my mum’s room. 

To this day whenever I hear the song I am reminded of how I felt when I discovered my deleted data. How the feeling of sorrow and disappointment is rushed through me for that second. 


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