Daily Prompt: The Power of Touch

After Googling it, I found that the Wikipedia page has 12 different explanations for the word texture. This is because of all the five senses, touch is the most prominent, and the one we take for granted the most. Textures are everywhere, and people don’t notice. You don’t open a door and notice the smooth but cold feel of the door handle, or the uneven scratched surface of the pine door. Why? because you’ve felt it a million times, so why should you notice now. 

Textures are everywhere, and familiar textures are comforting. 

For me, the most comforting of all textures is the feel of my partner’s stubble, when I rub my cheek against his and feel the soft bristles on my face.  This instantly makes me feel safe, and happy, and relaxed. It puts me at ease. 

Next time you’re out and about, try to notice different textures; the rough feel of tree bark, or a brittle crunchy leaf, or when you’re in a clothes shop take time to feel the different fabrics; cotton, velvet, wool. Appreciate different textures. Take the time to notice what you’ve never noticed before. 


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