Daily Prompt: The Power of Touch

After Googling it, I found that the Wikipedia page has 12 different explanations for the word texture. This is because of all the five senses, touch is the most prominent, and the one we take for granted the most. Textures are everywhere, and people don’t notice. You don’t open a door and notice the smooth but cold feel of the door handle, or the uneven scratched surface of the pine door. Why? because you’ve felt it a million times, so why should you notice now. 

Textures are everywhere, and familiar textures are comforting. 

For me, the most comforting of all textures is the feel of my partner’s stubble, when I rub my cheek against his and feel the soft bristles on my face.  This instantly makes me feel safe, and happy, and relaxed. It puts me at ease. 

Next time you’re out and about, try to notice different textures; the rough feel of tree bark, or a brittle crunchy leaf, or when you’re in a clothes shop take time to feel the different fabrics; cotton, velvet, wool. Appreciate different textures. Take the time to notice what you’ve never noticed before. 


Weekly Writing Challenge: Moved by Music

This song; Linkin Park: In The End, is not only one of my favourite songs, but a song that holds a strong memory for me. Every time the song plays; the memory floods back and I’m given a brief flashback. Brief. 

When I was younger I was a Tomb Raider fanatic. Still am actually. It started when my parents introduced me to it at a young age, and bought me a Play Station 1 and the game for my room. I loved it. Loved loved loved it. I really idolised Lara Croft (as wierd as that sounds…), I wanted to be her. 

Well anyway, as a young girl with nothing better to do in the school holidays than to sit in her room all day and play on her favourite game, I managed to complete the game multiple times. I remember my bedroom used to be beside my parents room, and my mum used to play Linkin Park on her stereo while she did the ironing in her bedroom. That was all I used to hear. It was annoying at first, I never used to admit to liking that sort of music, but I secretly liked it. 

One day I went to my room to play on Tomb Raider like I always did, and found I could not find my saved game… The disc had been wiped for whatever reason. Obviously this seems pretty insignificant but at the time I was devastated, and I remember so clearly that all I could hear was the sound of In The End playing in my mum’s room. 

To this day whenever I hear the song I am reminded of how I felt when I discovered my deleted data. How the feeling of sorrow and disappointment is rushed through me for that second. 

Daily Prompt: Fright Night

I love being scared. Well, I don’t like actually being frightened, but I enjoy the thrill and exhilaration as well as the rarity of finding a film that makes me afraid. 

Me and my partner are massive horror/thriller/slasher/suspense film fans, and have watched so many that it is very rare to find one that is actually decent, and different from the generic cheap scares this era keeps producing. 

Ash is an absolute rock, and other than a wince during the alternate body-throw ending to Paranormal Activity I have never seen him scared of a film. As for me, I am never or at least very rarely affected by horrors (other than The Grudge elevator bit, the Paranormal Activity sleep watching scene, and the Sinister boogey man first appearance and lawnmower death) which is why I cherish the knots in my stomach. 

Some of the best films in this genre (other than the ones I listed above) I think are:

Maniac, The Blair Witch Project, Seven, Silence Of The Lambs, The Prisoners etc. 

For an avid horror fan such as myself and my partner, it’s a rare occasion when horrors have the desired scare effect. *sigh*

Weekly Writing Challenge: DNA Analysis


What do I see when I look in the mirror? 

I see my Dad and Grandad’s big (thankfully not bushy) eyebrows, and the scar running through the center of my left one. I see unconfident and doubtful blue eyes. I see dark make-up to draw away attention from the rest of my face, and blemishes, which I refuse to cover up with foundation. I see the odd freckle, and the colon (freckles) underneath to the right of my right eye.

I see my dimples and chubby cheeks when I look at my phone and smile because I see I have a text from Ash. 

I see a girl twiddling her hair out of habit, and lipgloss covering the bitemarks on her lower lip from anxiety.

I see a faked smile, masking the pain I feel inside. 

I see the engagement ring on the left hand, and the chipped nail varnish on my fingernails. I see the beautiful simplistic silver heart  bracelet on the right wrist, and a vast row of bracelets to hide the scars on the other. 

I see a girl who’s trying. I see a girl who is slowly building up her self esteem enough to meet me in the eyes through the mirror. I see a girl who’s scratches are fading. 

I see a girl who’s heart beats for Ash; a girl in love. 

I see a girl who is getting better. 

Daily Prompt: Freaky Friday



If I had a Freaky Friday I would no doubt switch bodies with my other half. All girls want to know what its like to be a bloke. It’s only natural to be curious about life on the other side. 

Hmm what would I do… (Aside from having sex as a male, and having a wank for good measure)… I’d stand up for him. Ash takes a lot of crap from his family and is too shy to say anything back, if I were him for a day I’d tell them where to stick it. 

I’d tell his step dad to leave me ( him) alone, and that I’m not going to put up with any crap anymore. I’d definetly mention to him that my girlfriend should not have to deal with how you treated her, and that I’m not going to stand for it. I’d tell his sister to stop being so fake, and to stop being such a cow all the time. I’d tell his mum that it’s obvious who the favourite sibling is, and that it’s obviously not me. I’d also tell her that I’m a growing lad and need more food than the 5 peas and two fish fingers from Birdseye that you normally feed me. 

I’d say all the things he’d never say. 

Weekly Writing Challenge: Fit to Write

  • BRIEF: Write from the perspective of a first timer. Remember the first time you started doing something? How did it make you feel? Did you reach that perfect moment of calm right away, or did it take some work?

Ummm let me think… For me, I am a slow learner. It always takes me a while to get my head around something, or master something or feel comfortable/confident doing something. 

This is the case for everything I do, particularly when I first started my hobbies or photography and drawing. Drawing is what I get the most compliments for; my boyfriend says I am talented – but then again, he is biased so I don’t believe him. 

I always drew as a child, wanting to inherit my Great Gran’s skill for art. I was always told I was good (which I now know was just a confidence booster because I was crap), and I drew all the way up till GCSEs till I got a D for GCSE Art, took it to heart, and quit. I met my boyfriend around two years later, and him being an incredible artist himself, he inspired me to take up drawing again. 

The first thing I drew was a cupcake. It was nothing special but my boyfriend told me it was good and that I have potential. This filled me with hope and inspired me to continue and practice. 

Since then I carried on and still continue to do so. I almost always get frustrated and fed up when sketching, I often lose my inspiration and motivation too, but the feeling I have when I am happy with the completed product is incredible. Even more so is the knowledge that I have improved since I first started and continue to do so. 

Weekly Writing Challenge: Fit to Write


What is my recipe for happiness?

Work: working (at an enjoyable job) is good for your confidence, self esteem, values and work ethic.

Exercise: once or so a week is definitely a good thing, but don’t overdo it and let it control you- life is too short.

Sleep: don’t waste your life away sleeping till noon, but then again; sleeping is good. A well rested mind is a happy mind.

Food: food is good. Again, life is too short to be concerned with weight. Eat what you like (obviously moderate your amounts and eat a balanced diet) but don’t let it affect your life.

Hobbies: hobbies are definitely a good thing. Having something to work towards, or to take your mind off stressors. Something you can achieve which will make you feel good about yourself

Relationships: Don’t waste time with people who haven’t proven themselves worthy of your time. Don’t be naive

Do what YOU want to do. It’s your life, no one can tell you how to live it. Take a chance, do something you wouldn’t normally do.

I’ve lived on the safe side my whole life; next year before I go to uni I am going to Tanzania to volunteer in an orphanage. What are YOU doing to make a difference?